Some Comments on the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics I am an engineer that has worked in the area of thermodynamics and thermodynamic modeling for nearly 30 years. I am not saying that I am an expert in the field, but … Continued

How old is the earth?

An excerpt from Refuting Evolution, a handbook for students, parents, and teachers countering the latest arguments for evolution: Evolutionists fallaciously think that billions of years of time makes particles-to-people evolution possible. So Teaching about Evolution and the Nature of Science … Continued

Creation Worldviews Part 2

Creation Worldviews Part 2. Theistic Evolution and Progressive Creation by Larry Kisner, M.S., Physics Theistic Evolution/Progressive Creation Those who embrace Theistic Evolution or Progressive Creationism accept the following evolutionary timescale of creation: About 16 billion years ago the universe came … Continued

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