September 2017 Newsletter

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AzOSA News and EventsAzOSA News and Events

I. BOARD MEETING:  Planned at elevation in Payson on Saturday, September 16th, at 2 PM.

II. IDAHO INTERVIEW:  Joseph Kezele interview:

III. Lawsuit Filed by Christian Geologist Against Grand Canyon Park Officials:  This was adapted from a news release – see our website for more details or the original site                                                       

IV. TWITTER, SNAPCHAT & INSTAGRAM :  We continue to seek more young people to set up and manage accounts for these popular means of communication.  Please contact Larry Kisner, the AzOSA Secretary, at to volunteer.

V. FALLOUT:  This is a DVD by CMI which should be promoted by every person who attends church and is interested in our children attending church.  It is produced by CMI – please notify your pastors and friends.  Go to Creation Ministries International on the web.  AzOSA stands by ready to provide speakers – please contact us.

VI. BOOKMASTER STILL NEEDED FOR EAST VALLEY:  We still need a new Book Master for the East Valley – Arnie Coleman has volunteered for the summer, but we would appreciate someone stepping forward for when he must leave. Generally this person would keep track of the books, DVD’s, etc. in the East Valley inventory and when possible help sell them at the presentations.  This is not a difficult job, mainly keeping track of the items to sell and ordering more when stock is low.  For details you can communicate with Jordan Renouard (505-463-1378) or Vern Hartz (520-626-3357 or 520-721-8278).

VII. VICE-PRESIDENT NEEDED FOR COCHISE DIVISION:  Otto Richter has resigned as VP of Cochise Division, after serving faithfully for several years. Please contact Joseph Kezele at 480-540-8953 or email at  if you would like to find out more about what is involved.

VIII. NEWSLETTER Editor needed:  Bill Hill must be relieved of this volunteer position.  If you would like to take his place please contact Joseph Kezele at 480-540-8953 or email at  to find out more about what is involved.

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