Speakers & Presentations

All speakers listed below are members of AzOSA, and many have their own ministry as well. AzOSA speakers are available for presentations and debates at your church or Home School association. Review our available presenters here.

All speakers living in Arizona accept a love offering for their presentations. Contact Mike Riddle of Creation Training and Frank Sherwin regarding honorarium.

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Kevin Anderson, PhD Microbiology, Director of the Van Andel Creation Research Center

Michael Calcagno B.S., Portland State University

Jim Clarke B.S., Geology, Northern Arizona University , M.S. Engineering, Arizona State University.

Terri L. Clarke B.S., J.D. Arizona State University

Norm Crawford B.S. Aerospace Engineering, University of Southern California, M.S. Aerospace Engineering/Orbital Mechanics, University of Southern California.

Guy Forsythe Crying Rocks Ministry, Sedona, Arizona.

Sal Giardina B.S., Mechanical Engineering, M.S., Geology.

Randy Guliuzza   MD University of MN, BS Engineering, MS in Public Health from Harvard, BA in Theology from Moody Bible Institute

Larry Kisner B.S., Physics, B.S., Mathematics, Indiana State University , M.S. Physics, Indiana State University.

Joseph Kezele B.A. Russian, M.D., University of Arizona.

Steve Lachonas  B.A. Christian Ministry, Master's College.

Russ Miller Creation-Evolution Science Ministries, Flagstaff, Arizona.

Terry Mondy  MS in Biology from Purdue University

Mike Riddle B.A. Colorado State University, M. Ed. Pepperdine University, Staff, Creation Training.

Joe Sebeny  

Frank Sherwin B.S., Biology, M.S. Zoology, Former Staff, Institute for Creation Research.  Zoologist, Speaker and Author

Mark Sinclair Ph. D. Meteorology, US Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey California

Tom Vail Canyon Ministries, author of The Grand Canyon , A Different View.



Other topics available upon request from AzOSA .

How Can We See Distant Stars In a Young Universe?

Distant starlight in a young universe, galactic red shift, cosmic background radiation, and the expansion of the universe are discussed. This presentation explains how the big bang is dead and how a young universe cosmology, based on scripture, can explain what astronomers actually observe.

Genesis, Babel , and the Chinese Language.

Presents the historical basis of Genesis, what occurred at the Tower of Babel , and what happened as a result of God's judgment. Then examination of written characters of the Chinese language demonstrates that the history in Genesis and the Gospel message is embedded in those characters.

Were the Nephilim Extraterrestrials?

Discusses the UFO phenomena, the search for extraterrestrial life, coded information, the evolution connection, requirements for life on earth, the evidence for aliens on earth, the problems of interstellar travel, and what Scripture has to say about this topic.

Noah's Flood – What About All That Water?

Discusses possible sources for the water, where it went to after the flood, as well as the accompanying changes in climate and the effect on plants and animals.