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Q&A Presentation Slides now Available!


The Scripture Series Presentations are now on the web site available to download and be used in presentations, home schooling, or in slide rotations prior to church services. These are a way to introduce Creation Science and the truth of Scripture to individuals and congregations in a simple, non-challenging and informative way.


To view these you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader on the PC on which they are to be used (to download click here).


To access, click on the corresponding links below. Your browser may give you the option to “Open” (view) or “Save” (download).
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Presentations in PDF format:
AzOSA Scripture Series:


01. Creation Genesis 1:1-16 View
02. Creation Genesis 1:17-31 View
03. Creation Genesis 2 View
04. Corruption Genesis 3:1-12 View
05. Corruption Genesis 3:13-24 View
06. Corruption Genesis 4 View
07. Corruption Genesis 5 View
08. Catastrophe Genesis 6 View
09. Catastrophe Genesis 7 View
10. Catastrophe Genesis 8 View
11. Catastrophe Aftermath Genesis 9 View
12. Confusion Delineated Genesis 10:1-5 View
13. Confusion Delineated Genesis 10:6-15 View
14. Confusion Delineated Genesis 10:16-32 View
15. Confusion Genesis 11 View
16. Christ Old and New Testaments View
17. Cross Old and New Testaments View
18. Consummation Old and New Testaments View

Mike Riddle DVD Lesson Plans:

Astronomy and the Bible View
Dating Fossils and Rocks View
Fossil Record View
Matter View
Origin of Humans View
Origin of Life View

Other Presentations:

Information that Demands a Creator by Mike Riddle View
The Real Watchmaker View
Richard Dawkins unable to answer the question:
Can you give an example of a genetic mutation or an evolutionary process which can be seen to increase the information in the genome?